The Services

Sloane & Studio offers 4 different packages to choose from to best suit your design needs. With an array of options, design capabilities, and styles, we make sure you are taken care of from start to finish with any package choice. Do keep in mind we can modify packages as needed to suit your needs.



Package 1

full service

The Full Service package is a start to finish job with a packaged set of pre-purchased hours or flat fee depending on the project. This is typically for clients looking to do more than one room, either as full house decor or renovation work. We specialize in furnishing large homes as well as start to finish renovation management and execution. From build to design, we've got you covered.


Package 3

weekend warrior

The Weekend Warrior package is our quick and easy design booking. Clients who have 1-3 rooms that need a quick refresh in 3 days or less. This would include accessorizing and sourcing from local stores and vendors to get you what you need, fast. This package is typically a pre-set flat rate based on the concept and estimated hours.



Package 2

accessorize me

The Accessorize Me package is built for clients who have all of the main furniture in their space, but need a designers touch to come in with a layer of accessories and bring it all together (art, pillows, rugs, decor, styling, bedding). This is typically billed hourly as opposed to a bulk set of pre-purchased hours, as time fluctuates depending on the scope of work. 


Package 4

digital designer

The Digital Designer package is for those of you who want a little design help, and a little DIY activity. We will work with you remotely to get measurements and photos of your space. We will have calls, emails and Skype sessions in leu of in-person meetings. We will still give you a floorplan, a moodboard, source the items, and show you rough rendering layouts of how to style. Then, we pass you everything you need to take it from there! You will purchase the items and style them on your own with some help from a remote stylist.